Approved by the Board of Directors on June 21, 2023

Organizations are to submit to on their letterhead signed and dated by an officer of the organization, the following information is required:

• Background information about the organization

• Confirm it is a 501(c)(3) organization.

• Provide Tax ID #

• Contact person’s name, email, phone and mailing address.

• Statement of specific need – what will this grant address in the local community, including who are the intended beneficiaries and the benefit to the community.

• Primary goals and objectives to be achieved and the desired outcomes, including the immediate and long-term benefits / outcomes.

• Any other information that may be helpful in evaluating the grant request • Amount of funding requested.

Grants request may be denied if information is missing from the request. Requests can be submitted throughout the year.

Any potential funding of requests is dependent on fundraising levels by the Lewes Rehoboth Beach Rotary Club and the review and approval of requests received; approval is not guaranteed.

If the request is approved, it may or may not be at the amount requested.

Club Leaders

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